17 January 2011

Once in a lifetime

They were in Europe, attending a conference, something already paid for and so they had to attend that opening…super posh and well organized. They had to listen to the speeches; some were interesting and others were just mere propaganda. After dinner a Tunisian waitress came to the girls and told them that after the gentleman leaves she would like to tell them about a place that they have to visit. Although they were suspicious of her they thought she wants to tell them about a Moroccan public bath where it is known that women restore their beauty and the glamour of their skin. Yet it was not anything like that, she came around the table again and they told her to just spill it out and tell them where she wants them to go, assuring her that the gentleman wouldn't mind. 

She giggled and told them it is a place where they see what pleases them. They got very excited and very attentive, she never actually told them the name of the place but that she takes any Tunisian girl or woman to that place, and she thought why men would please themselves and not the women. They actually made her write the address and she wished them a lovely night winking at the guy. So the three girls and the poor guy designed their destination to the poor side. They took a cab which would not go their destination and left them at the side of the road. They walked through the tight alley with their weird looks that it was an Arab district or something where a lot of bearded men and face veiled women lived. They walked slowly wondering about their destination and the youngest of them who had no experience what so ever feared that somehow her parents back home might know.

She was actually in shock and she did not know whether to be excited about what she is going to see or frightened from the experience not wanting that the first time she sees it, it would be placed in front of her with a desire from the other side to please her genuinely or wait for her to a make a naïve move just to share the first moment together. They stood in a queue and waited with the rush of a heart beat. Two of the women were… well experienced so they were not going to see something for the first time and the guy was surely about to puke his guts but felt an obligation not to leave them alone, the third girl actually got in a trance and was lost in astonishment. At the door the guys asked them for IDs and when they got out their Egyptian passport he was like yeah I have been there last summer and I really loved it. He got them in, they paid for the guy, it was just 10 $ what the hell that s damn cheap. 

They got stamped on their arms and as they walked in, a huge guy held the youngest of them by the arm and said "No touching, no pictures and no phones…tip the waiter" she shook her head in agreement and struggled to get her arm out of his fist. They moved in steady steps the girls with their mouth open and the guy just trying not to get his sight towards anything that he does not want to see. They found a table and sat, two ordered coke and one rum and the poor girl just wanted a beer. They had to tip the waiter who was actually worse than the ones they are used to back in Cairo. He would not move until each one left him round 4$. The show must go on and so they started looking around waiting for something exciting to happen. There was a stage, and as the youngest was asked in a message from back home after she texted her friends with their timing at 6:00 am, were there men in firemen costumes. 

Yes there were men in firemen costumes and in builders and painters and police officers costumes. They were black and white, shaved and body built actually good looking and could be considered sexy but they did not turn on the girls. The more exciting act was the special tipped performances. The guy would come along with something like a box that he stands on and starts his performance dancing on the rhythm of music, doing his best to stay hard although it is not always this way. If he is generously tipped –still with the no touch rule- he would give the girl a lap dance. 

They stayed for about 45 minutes went out round midnight and found the queue even longer with people from both gender dressed up and all excited. They walked along the dark allies fearful from the poor district and pushing their way trying to keep their laughter in when the married woman told them it’s a secret that does not go beyond us, saying in Arabic "we just got out of a male strippers club" and here was an Egyptian guy walking past them looking at them in that what the hell look talking on the phone and saying in Arabic "I will be home in a minute".


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  2. You made sweet play of words, "If he is generously tipped...he would give the girl a lap dance."

    Also, I wish to say you are very brave to go there, and face yourselves, and face each other! I would not be able, but I like knowing that you were.